4 Ways to Improve a Dental Practice


For any dentist, opening a practice is difficult. Today, young passionate dental graduates in Pakistan have the confidence to open their own practice. It is therefore imperative for all dentists who have their own clinic to strive for distinction in their clinical practice and conduct as physicians.

Here are some of the things I’ve learned in my clinical years that can help those who might be clinic owners.

1. Focus on soft skills

As a clinician, it is important that the patient feels comfortable in your clinic. Try to make eye contact and greet patients with a warm smile when they enter your practice.

In order to diagnose, it is important to question and take the patient’s history. Make sure that before you start working on the patient, take a detailed medical, dental, and family history of the patient.

To do this effectively, you will need to be an avid listener. Try to remain attentive to the patient; they’ll probably give you enough clues as to what the diagnosis might be. If in case, adequate information is not provided by the patient, you can always ask further questions to get a deeper insight.

Be clear in your speech. Most patients are fearful and anxious about their visits to the dentist. Explaining the treatment plan clearly and concisely will help them overcome their fear of the unknown.

2. Reach out to existing patients

The best way to attract new patients to the clinic is to ensure regular patients are well taken care of.

If you haven’t heard from any of your existing patients in a while, text the clinic to check on them. Invite them in for a discounted biannual checkup or scaling procedure.

If existing patients are satisfied, there is a chance that they will recommend your practice to others. This will increase clinic traffic.

3. Go for same-day treatment

Unfortunately, it is a fact that patients are unlikely to return after their consultation appointment if treatment was not started on the same day. This can be due to several reasons. Patients may withdraw out of fear, or they may even opt for another practice on the recommendation of a relative.

To back this up, the American Dental Association claims that, on average, new patient retention is around 41%. Therefore, it is best for all clinicians to start treatment after the consultation during the same appointment. It will also reduce chair time and subsequent dental visits for the patient, which is in favor of both parties.

4. Be a good team leader

Owning a successful dental practice is the best time to show off your leadership skills. Encourage all members of the clinical team to discuss their concerns with you to ensure a healthy work environment.

Weekly meetings will allow all clinic staff to come together and pitch ideas to make the practice more efficient. Allow room for mistakes, as this is how you will earn the loyalty and trust of those working in the clinic.

While a sense of discipline and orderly conduct are imperative, a clinic, or any work environment, will only foster growth when even the youngest member of the team feels heard.

To conclude

Overall, a successful clinic has an effective clinical team. Each member of the clinic has a necessary role in the running of the clinic. A random environment will make the patient feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed.

Additionally, a clinician who lacks sufficient communication skills will not be able to successfully retain a patient entering the clinic. All of these skills can be learned over time. Dentists are advised to adopt these skills in their daily lives. These tips will have a big impact on their credibility as dentists and practice owners.


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