A new alternative to dental insurance, PayDent helps consumers pay for dental care, eliminates insurance hassles for dentists


CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–What would a program for obtaining and paying for dental care look like if it were designed by a dentist and not by an insurance company? What if it left patients and their dentists to decide on treatments without third-party approval; covered all dental treatments, including braces, teeth whitening and implants; and insurance worries totally eliminated?

It would look like PayDent.

Co-founded by Dr Kevin Patterson, a Chicago-area dentist with 34 years of practice experience, and Steve Valentine, a successful serial entrepreneur and engineer, PayDent is an innovative new alternative to dental insurance that offers a host of benefits for patients and dental providers.

“Having cared for thousands of patients throughout my career, I have seen firsthand that the existing model of paying for dental care no longer makes sense,” Patterson said. “So we decided to develop something that better serves consumers and dental practices. The result is PayDent, which replaces low-value dental insurance plans with a tool that helps patients build funds to pay for unavoidable dental expenses and streamlines the payment process for dentists.

PayDent runs on an easy to use iOS and Android compatible app. Unlike traditional insurance, it covers all types of dental treatment – ​​including routine, elective, specialty and cosmetic dental procedures – and allows dentists and patients to determine the best and most appropriate treatment without any approval. prior.

Plus, there are no upfront fees or annual fees for patients or dentists; no limitation of service; no waiting times; no interest on credit cards, unlike some health care credit cards; no lost contributions, unlike some health savings accounts; and no lost monthly premium unlike discount card plans. Plus, patients never lose their unused benefits.

PayDent’s mission is to make dental care accessible, affordable and hassle-free for everyone.

For Patients, PayDent provides a structured way to save money to pay for their dental care. Instead of paying monthly insurance premiums, patients deposit funds – in amounts they choose – into their PayDent accounts, accumulating savings that will be used to pay for any treatment they want or need. There are no annual minimum expenses, no surprise premium increases, no deposits lost because they never expire, and no guessing whether, or how much, insurance will pay for a procedure.

For dentists, PayDent eliminates or drastically reduces many of the most time-consuming and frustrating aspects of dental practice operations, including insurance paperwork, denied insurance claims, and stifling service limitations.

How PayDent works

The patients:

  • Open a PayDent account free.
  • Deposit money in whatever amount they decide, either in regular monthly deposits or in lump sums.

  • Pay for dental services from their PayDent account at rates 15% lower than the national average cost based on the American Dental Association Fee Survey.

If patients already have dental insurance, they can use their PayDent funds to pay for treatments (or parts of a bill) that insurance doesn’t cover, as well as copayments and deductibles.


  • Join PayDent free.
  • See the patient and prescribe treatment. The PayDent app immediately checks the funds available in the patient’s PayDent account to pay for the treatment.

  • Immediately after treatment, request that payment be transferred from the patient’s PayDent account via ACH to their account. There are no claims to process, no rejections and no processing caps.

  • Receive payment for services rendered at 80% of the ADA fee investigation. Specialty dental practices can bill patients directly for the difference between their fees and the 80% of the ADA price paid by PayDent.

PayDent is fully operational

PayDent was developed and designed with input from experienced dentists and specialist business, data analytics and insurance advisors, all of whom continue to advise the company.

After nearly a full year of testing, PayDent is fully operational, serving patients and dental practices. Dr. Dalia Cepele, dentist in Orland Park, Illinois, with 30 years of experience, uses PayDent and highly recommends it. She says it’s a win-win situation for dentists and patients.

“PayDent is very easy to use and simplifies the process,” Cepele said. “We don’t have to worry about filing claims correctly, or whether we’re sending them to the right address or even to the right insurance company. It’s great to know that we can type into the PayDent app what we’ve done and get paid for it. Moreover, there is no interference in the doctor-patient relationship; we decide what treatment is appropriate, and we do it.

Cepele says his patients also love PayDent. “Patients I’ve introduced PayDent to are really happy with it. They feel it’s a fair fee and appreciate that their money goes directly to paying for their dental care,” she said. are well aware of many insurance limitations, and most of them have been burned by insurance companies with denials of coverage. So they like not hearing “Your insurance won’t cover that” and knowing that there are no restrictions on what they may have done.

Patients and dental providers can visit PayDent.com to learn more and register.

PayDent is based in Chicago and is privately held.

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