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Forty-three Airmen from the 97th Air Mobility Wing received diplomas from the Air Force Community College and 25 received their diplomas at a graduation ceremony, April 29, 2022 at the air base of Altus, Oklahoma.

“Earning your degree isn’t just about the degree or the statement on your resume,” said Senior Master Sgt. William Stapp, 97th Logistics Readiness Squadron fuels superintendent. “It’s about the power of education and being on the journey to discovering the best version of yourself.”

According to the official CCAF-FCVI website, their mission is “to elevate the enlisted profession by advancing career-long technical and leadership abilities through degrees, diplomas, and related programs to support the recruitment, retention, career transition efforts, and mission readiness and readiness.

Stapp said Airmen are the Air Force’s strategic advantage, and they must be able to adapt, innovate and apply lessons learned to enable a culture of continuous improvement.

“I strongly believe that education enables Airmen to advance in their careers,” said Senior Airman Angel Colbert, plans and operations manager for the 97th Mission Support Group. “The pursuit of higher education benefits Airmen and the Air Force simultaneously.”

Colbert said the more Airmen know, the more they can share their knowledge with subordinates and leaders, allowing innovative thoughts and conversations to happen in hopes of improving each day.

Here are the CCAF degree recipients and their majors:

Staff Sgt. Peter Jensen, Flight Operations

Staff Sgt. Shaun Seguin Logistics

Staff Sgt. Joseph Weidenbach, Human Resources Management

Technology. sergeant. Glen Brown, Vehicle Maintenance

Technology. sergeant. Daniel Cherry, Technology and Military Science Instructor

Technology. sergeant. Jacob Graham, Operations and Air Traffic Management

Technology. sergeant. Davin Losack, Flight Operations

Technology. sergeant. David McCubbin, Flight Operations

Technology. sergeant. Melissa Michels, Technology and Military Science Instructor

Technology. sergeant. Jonathan Nigl, Flight Operations

Technology. sergeant. Nicholas Samuelson, Logistics

Technology. sergeant. Jacob Sarno, Flight Operations

Technology. sergeant. Donald Chappotin, Meteorology

Technology. sergeant. Jeffrey Jaskela, Technology and Military Science Instructor

Staff Sgt. April Ballard, Hospitality and Fitness Management

Staff Sgt. Nicholas Brod, Flight Operations

Staff Sgt. Aaron Canady, Logistics

Staff Sgt. James Delgadillo, Flight Operations

Staff Sgt. Owen Derksen, Flight Operations

Staff Sgt. Riley Ditnoy, Practical Nursing Technology

Staff Sgt. Darius Freeman, Flight Operations

Staff Sgt. Jonathan Hardy, Criminal Justice

Staff Sgt. McKenna Kline, Information Systems Technology

Staff Sgt. Raymond Le, Logistics

Staff Sgt. Caitlyn Patton, Operations and Air Traffic Management

Staff Sgt. Tonnia Scott, Meteorology

Staff Sgt. Jacob Shumate, mechanical and electrical technology

Staff Sgt. Kyron Smith, Operations and Air Traffic Management

Staff Sgt. Will Solomon, Criminal Justice

Staff Sgt. Ashley Upton, Flight Operations

Staff Sgt. Sequoia Vandenburg, dental assistant

Staff Sgt. Kacie Ward, Information Systems Technology

Staff Sgt. Yunpeng Zhang, mechanical and electrical technology

Senior Airman Zachary Belcher, Aircrew Safety Systems Technology

Senior Airman Renzo Calonge Necheporenko, Transport

Senior Airman Angel Colbert, Emergency Management

Senior Airman Gloria Conger, Emergency Management

Senior Airman Tyra Houseton, Transportation

Senior Airman Nicholas Jernigan Epps, Logistics

Senior Airman Charmagne Lofton, Criminal Justice

Senior Airman Devon Muldrow, Logistics

Senior Airman Jesse Sandoval, Operations and Air Traffic Management

To learn more about CCAF degrees, make an appointment with the AAFB Education Office at (580) 481-6619 or visit www.airuniversity.af.edu.


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