Affordable Dental Care at Hocking College in New Lexington | News


NEW LEXINGTON – Hocking College Dental Hygiene Clinic offers very affordable dental care in Perry County. Located on State Route 37 across from the Perry County Fairgrounds, the clinic offers special rates for several categories of potential clients.

For children 13 and under, a visit costs $ 10. For 14-65 year olds, a visit to the hygiene clinic is $ 20. If you are a veteran, first responder, on Medicaid, or over 65, your dental visit will be free. Call 740-753-7540 for an appointment.

According to program director Misti Malfe, the first graduating class of the dental hygiene program at Hocking College in New Lexington graduated in December 2020.

“We had 15 students in the program and all 15 graduated successfully,” said Malfe. She reported that some of those 15 graduates have accepted dental positions while others are continuing their education. The second class of dental students numbers 18, with their graduation scheduled for December 2021.

“Another class will start on August 21 later this year,” says Malfe.

The list of services available to clinic patients includes checking for gum disease and cancer, a comprehensive dental exam and cleaning. Three supervising dentists work at the clinic with one at the clinic at all times.

“Doctors answer any questions our students or patients may have during an exam,” Malfe explained. She added that the doctors also read all the x-rays taken at the clinic.

“We stopped seeing patients in December, but resumed appointments,” says Malfe.

If cost has prevented you from receiving dental treatment, the Hocking College Dental Hygiene Clinic in New Lexington is an exceptional option.


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