Belmont Dental Surgery offers a full range of dental treatments and procedures, from fillings to extractions.


Those looking for a trusted and professional dental clinic can turn to Belmont Dental Surgery. The practice is run by experienced and credentialed dentists and dental staff who meet the needs of their clients, from filling teeth to treating gum disease.

Anyone looking for a qualified and professional dentist in Belmont need look no further than Belmont Dental Surgery. The clinic’s goal is to provide high quality general and cosmetic dentistry in a comfortable and relaxing environment. All dentists at the clinic are qualified to provide a full range of dental care and treatment. They are more than willing to help with their clients’ oral health. As an accredited dental practice, Belmont Dental Surgery is equipped with the appropriate equipment such as digital x-rays and OPG to increase patient safety and optimize care for all patients. The clinic is located at 171 Belmont Avenue, a stone’s throw from the Belmont Forum shopping center. The location also offers ample parking for guests. For any questions, clients can contact the clinic through their website, as well as their Facebook and Instagram page.

Fillings are a common procedure performed at Belmont Dental Surgery. This is done when the tooth is decayed, broken or chipped. The dentists at Belmont Dental Surgery use tooth-colored composite fillings for this procedure. It is possible to complete the intervention the same day when it is only a single tooth to be repaired. But for several fillings, it is very likely that a follow-up appointment will be necessary. Regarding the cost, all clients receive an estimate of the recommended fillings after an initial consultation and before the dentist performs the procedure. The price is based on the size of the filling as well as other materials that will be needed during processing.

Another common procedure that Belmont Dental Surgery attends regularly is the treatment of periodontal disease, often referred to as gum disease. A client with gum disease might want to see their GP as this indicates other underlying medical conditions. Treatment for periodontal disease may not save teeth, but it can help reduce the risk and slow disease progression. If the gums are already in poor condition, the dentist can perform a more thorough treatment in addition to regular scaling and cleaning. This may involve root planing with the use of a local anesthetic to remove plaque and tartar from the crown of the tooth and below the gumline.

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