Buffalo’s Harvest House Gives Back With Free Dental Care


BUFFALO, NY – What started as a small ministry has evolved into several branches of service that bring significant resources to the people of Buffalo, including free monthly dental services.

The origin of the word “ministry” is rooted in service, and with a commitment to providing residents who lack the essential resources they need, Harvest House Ministries stays true to this original definition.

One of its four branches of ministry, Good Neighbors Health Care, offers a wide variety of services, including a program that allows patients to receive free dental care on the second Saturday of each month. Health Care Coordinator Joycelyn Moss says boarding couldn’t be easier.

“Anyone can go out,” Moss said. “No appointment is necessary. We will see our patients on a first come, first served basis. All of our services, which are x-rays, fillings and extractions are free, so no dental insurance is necessary. We don’t even need ID; come as you are.

A partnership with the Eighth District Dental Society and the University of Buffalo’s School of Dental Medicine, Good Neighbors Dental has launched a program that allows UB fourth-year graduate students to provide comprehensive dental exams, cleanings , extractions and fillings free of charge. to the sick.

The program has proven to be doubly beneficial, as students benefit from a one-to-one experience in a learning environment equipped with labeled material in the examination rooms, while underserved neighbors may receive much-needed care for problems which, if left unresolved, can have adverse consequences on their health and well-being in general.

“A lot of times when we get our emergency phone calls they’re from people who can’t sleep at night, they haven’t eaten for several days, and they’re usually your heads of household,” Moss said. “They are our loved ones, they are our parents, they are our sisters and brothers. This inability to get quality dental care can affect their ability to get to work in the morning.

While many understand the importance of dental health, a visit to the office is no less daunting and, for some, downright frightening. Good Neighbors Dental seeks to provide a different environment. At this faith-based facility, visitors will find inspirational scriptures and quotes on the wall and during operations staff members will even be present, if needed, for a prayer or a hand to hold. The same attention is paid to the effective treatment of patients.

“Our dentists will come in, we’ll look at all of our x-rays and go from there to determine what the patient’s main concerns are,” Moss said. “Help with treatment planning, bring them back here for any additional needs if there is anything that cannot be addressed on this first visit, and of course all subsequent visits are free.

In addition to providing free services, $ 0.88 of every $ 1 donated to Harvest House goes back into the community. For Joycelyn, originally from Florida, finding an environment dedicated to functioning in the values ​​it promotes makes service a joyful duty.

“It was the first place in my life where I really understood the difference between having a job and having a career,” Moss said. “I don’t mind getting up and being the first person here in the morning. I don’t mind being the last person to leave here at night, as long as I know the community is receiving care from. quality that she so deserves, and knowing that every patient is treated with dignity and can get out of here after receiving free services, but still having their self-respect, I’m fine.

In addition to dental care, Harvest House offers many other useful programs as part of its branches of ministry, striving to provide not only immediate, but long-lasting help.

“We have our ministry for babies and children, we also have a primary care facility that is there to help fill the void for anyone in between health insurance, and we also help these people with their health insurance program. emergency rental assistance. “Moss said.” So we’re doing everything we can here. It is less about giving a person a fish than about teaching the person how to fish, but we are here to welcome all those in the community who need it.

To learn more about the services offered by Good Neighbors Health Care, click here.


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