BUMDC Hosts Oral Health Education Session for Special Children


KARACHI: The Department of Community and Preventive Dentistry at the University of Bahria Medical and Dental College (BUMDC) organized oral health education and a free dental check-up visit to the PNAD Mauripur Children’s Special School for mark World Oral Health Day 2022.

The dental team included Prof. Dr. Kulsoom Fatima Rizvi, Vice Principal and Head of Department of Community Dentistry, BUMDC, Dr. Maria Moin (Assistant Professor), Dr. Mohsin Haider and Dr. Mansoor Dar (Lecturers) and internal officers including Dr Anmol, Dr Iqra, Dr Maryam, Dr Rubab, Ammara, Dr Bakhtawar and Dr Warisha.

The team organized interactive sessions in each class. There are 66 special children in the target audience, including 28 hearing impaired, 20 intellectually disabled, 02 visually impaired and 16 multiple disabled.

The dental team provided dental check-ups and one-on-one oral education to special co-op students and their caregivers regarding their disabilities. Oral health status was recorded on validated WHO forms. Later, it was followed by general oral health promotion activities.

The session included an oral presentation of common oral diseases, highlighting their etiological and risk factors with particular emphasis on preventive measures. Information was conveyed through artificial tooth models, tables and animated interactions.

Oral hygiene practices such as meticulous toothbrushing techniques were also demonstrated on models. Students were given coloring exercises to reinforce their brushing habits.

The school principal, administrator and staff members were satisfied with the oral health activity and their questions and concerns were addressed. The BUMDC team looks forward to hosting more oral health awareness sessions in the future.


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