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Most dental insurance is offered by employers to their employees and dependents. If your employer offers a plan, contact your human resources department for a copy of the plan booklet that details your benefits.

Adults under 65 who do not have the employer’s option to obtain a dental plan can purchase one through the Washington Healthplanfinder ( However, you must purchase the dental plan in conjunction with a qualifying health insurance plan for medical coverage. You cannot buy it as a standalone plan.

The Washington Healthplanfinder requires that children enrolled in a health care plan also be enrolled in a dental plan.

For people on Medicare, you can purchase a plan directly from an insurance company (see list below).

Before purchasing a dental plan, ask:

  • What are the costs, benefits and exclusions of the plan?
  • Which dentists participate in the plan?
  • Do I think I will need major dental care?
  • Will regular examinations and cleanings suffice?
  • When was my last visit to the dentist?
  • Will I need x-rays or other services?
  • How does the cost of dental insurance compare to the cost of dental services without insurance?
  • How do I cancel the policy if I no longer want it?

Buy directly from an insurance company

The following companies are licensed to sell individual dental plans in Washington State:

Contact details of insurance companies that sell individual dental plans in Washington

Dental diet

Phone number

Washington Delta Dental


Renaissance Life and Health Insurance Company of America


UnitedHealthcare / Golden rule


Dental Willamette

855-433-6825, option # 2

To note: This list may not be exhaustive. To find a map in your area, contact an insurance agent.

Discover low-cost or no-cost dental programs

If you can’t afford an individual dental plan or are having trouble paying for services, see if you qualify for a low-cost or no-cost program.

If you are on Medicare

Medicare does not cover routine dental care, but there are some Medicare Advantage plans that provide basic dental care such as cleaning and screenings. You can also contact companies that offer individual dental plans directly to see if they cover Medicare clients.


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