Delta Dental Insurance Company Applauds New Provision of Electronic Communications Legislation for Health Benefit Plans in Texas


Newly Enacted Paperless Delivery Act Will Promote More Secure Communication, Reduce State Health Care Costs for Consumers and Employers, and Benefit the Environment

SAN FRANCISCO, July 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Delta Dental Insurance Company, a subsidiary of Delta Dental of California, today announced its support for recently enacted legislation in Texas (SB 2124) that allows medical, dental, and vision health benefit plans operating in the state to transition from paper-based to electronic delivery of certain customer communications.

The law encourages adoption of a more secure means of document delivery and will reduce state health care costs for consumers and employers and mitigate environmental impacts. Specifically, it allows benefit plan sponsors to opt for electronic delivery to all employees with online access while providing employees with the ability to opt out of paperless delivery if they prefer.

“We are grateful for the efforts of Texas Governor Greg Abbott and President Dade Phelan for their leadership in supporting Texas businesses to adopt technology that better connects Texas consumers with their health and dental plans,” said Mike Castro, President and CEO of Delta Dental of California. “We also appreciate Senator Caesar Blanco and Representative Eddie Lucio III for drafting and championing legislation, which will ultimately benefit consumers, employers and the environment. »

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