Dental appointments fill up fast due to overdue dental care during pandemic


SANTA BARBARA, Calif .– People aren’t always anxious to go to the dentist, but that seems to be changing now that COVID-19 cases are declining along the coast.

Patients who have skipped cleanings for much of the year ask for appointments.

Johnson Family Dental Practice Director Linda Miloud said, “Honestly, we have been criticized. “

Miloud said they were already booked with cleanings during the summer.

Dr Steve Johnson smiled when he said he was unrelated to the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, but said his staff in Santa Barbara and most of his patients had been fully vaccinated.

“Now we are making many larger fillings or root canals and extinguishing a lot of fires,” said Dr Johnson.

He urged patients with sensitive teeth or tooth and gum pain to see a dentist as soon as possible.

Johnson’s patient Joshua Tucci said: “I had two permanent crowns made, and I am very grateful for that because now I can smile.”

Tucci said he got over a habit that hurt his toothy smile, now he’s all smiles under his mask.

“I am not getting any younger and I want to make sure that I take care of my teeth.”

Johnson has advice for patients between professional cleanings.

“Brushing, flossing, and I am a huge believer in fluoride are really important. It really helps prevent cavities. “

Dental offices are also recruiting.

Dr Johnson said there was a nationwide shortage of dental hygienists due to retirements and career changes during the pandemic.

He said he hired hygienists who graduated from the well-known Oxnard College program.

New graduates should have no problem finding employment in the dental industry.

To learn more about the dental hygiene program, click here.


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