Dentbenefits now offers an alternative to dental insurance


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Dental Membership Club better than dental insurance or discount plans. Get major dental services for only $125/month

Dentbenefits now offers an alternative to dental insurance

Recognizing that more and more New Yorkers currently do not have access to proper dental care, Dentbenefits is now proud to offer an affordable alternative to traditional dental care. dental insurance. Dental insurance is one of the most expensive types of insurance, and it’s also notorious for having an unattractive usage-to-cost ratio. Recognizing these realities, companies like Dentbenefits are popping up across the country to provide effective dental care that isn’t reliant on traditional dental insurance.

Offices like Dentbenefits offer a full range of dental services, but what is different is their style of payment. Just like with gyms and music streaming services, you just have to pay a small monthly fee to be a member of Dentbenefits. With a membership, one has access to a wide range of dental procedures, all of which have fixed prices. With a simpler and more cost effective system, Dentbenefits is currently enjoying an increase in subscriptions as more and more New Yorkers recognize all the good things associated with its services.

Why Dental Insurance Alternatives Are Growing in Popularity

Dental insurance is not like medical insurance, in that dental insurance is not intended to be a paid form of insurance; in fact, dental insurance is intended to be a form of financial assistance to policyholders who need expensive dental care. While many insurance companies advertise that their policies cover up to 80% or 100% of policyholders’ dental costs, decades of research have shown that, more often than not, policyholders can only get between 40 % and 60% discount on their dental care. expenses.

Additionally, according to a spokesperson for Dentbenefits: “Most people have dental insurance through their employer and very often they have no say in what type of coverage they get. . Coupled together, high co-payments and the inability to choose services and payments make traditional dental insurance very unattractive, especially right now when so many people across the country are strapped for cash.

In this context, dental practices like Dentbenefits are becoming more and more attractive. Subscribers only have to pay a small monthly fee for membership, and all additional procedures are set at fixed prices. And it is not because this process is simple that the quality of care is insufficient. Indeed, Dentbenefits members have access to the following procedures and much more:

  • Comprehensive oral assessments and periodic oral assessments
  • Consulting
  • X-rays
  • Cleaning, polishing and descaling adults and children
  • Tropical fluoride treatments for children
  • Emergency palliative treatment for dental pain
  • Dental sealants
  • Sedative fillings
  • Composite resins (primary or permanent) & previous composites
  • Posterior composites
  • Root canals
  • Extractions

For a full list of procedures available as part of a Dentbenefits membership, visit this link.

Extensive coverage and simple pricing

Dental insurance policyholders are often told by their insurers that the fees they regularly receive are unusual or “higher than usual”, but in reality most policyholders simply hold dental insurance policies. inadequate dental insurance. This is especially true for people who get dental insurance from their employer. If an employer contributes only small amounts, the insurer will only provide limited coverage, as the latter entity would not last long in business if it paid much more than it took in.

Most policyholders quickly become confused when trying to figure out their policies, and many find they don’t have adequate insurance only after undergoing an expensive procedure. A cavity removal procedure, for example, can cost between $300 and $400, and without good insurance, a patient can pay almost 3/4 of the cost of this procedure.

On top of that, policyholders have to pay high deductibles every year, and in return most get, at best, dental care. This is why so many dental policyholders forgo their policies and look for alternatives. The complication of the payment structure and inadequate financial support so often given is not worth the cost or frustration that is too often associated with owning a traditional dental insurance policy.

Dentbenefits has offices in and around New York

With more and more people recognizing all the good things associated with the Dentbenefits system, Dentbenefit offices are springing up in and around New York City to meet the demand. Those who live close to a Dentbenefits office have a distinct advantage, as they have access to high quality dental care without the unnecessary hassle and cost associated with traditional dental care. dental insurance. Some dental plans don’t even cover routine checkups and cleanings, and what good is dental insurance if an insured can’t even get these most basic procedures at discounted rates?

People concerned about their dental health and financial well-being are looking for alternatives to traditional dental insurance, and Dentbenefits meets that need. Right now, they proudly offer a unique, popular, subscription-based approach to dental care!

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