Free Mid-June Dental Clinic at Texas High


TEXARKANA, Texas — Texas Mission of Mercy is giving the Twin Cities a reason to smile.

The Austin-based organization is hosting a free dental clinic from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. June 17 and 18 at the Texas High School gym — their first time in the area since 2019, program coordinator Mackenzie Keene said.

“We go all over Texas,” Keene said. “We try to spread the love and not go to the same place too often.”

The organization tries to visit the Texarkana area four times a year.

A screening event is scheduled for June 10 at 9 a.m. at Kid’s Spot Dentistry Practice, 6008 Summerfield Drive.

“Prescreening is important because that’s where we do all of our triage and where patients get their x-ray exams,” Keene said. “If we can see them before they come on clinic day, they can get a recommendation on what they should have done. On the day of the event, it goes much faster.”

Every day of the event, 20 dentists will perform cleanings, fillings, extractions, anterior tooth replacements or partial denture replacements.

Walk-in appointments for screening and clinic day will be limited.

“We hope to be able to help 450 people,” Keene said. “It just depends on the community and how many dentists we have.”

At its most recent dental event, Texas Mission of Mercy treated more than 500 people and donated $374,264 in services to the Houston community.

CHRISTUS St. Michael Health System is an upcoming clinic sponsor.

To schedule a screening appointment, call The Kid’s Spot Dentistry at 903-223-7768.


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