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More than half of Australians say they’re embarrassed about their teeth, but if cost is the issue, there’s another way to avoid skyrocketing dental bills.

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They say a winning smile can open doors for you, but recent research shows that one of the last things Aussies want to do is show off their pearly whites in public.

According to Orthodontics Australia, 55% of Australians feel self-conscious about their teeth and 46% would change their teeth at the risk of changing any other facial feature.

When it comes to getting a smile you’re proud of, having private dental insurance is your best option for maintaining healthy teeth and dealing with unexpected dental expenses. But what is the right type of dental coverage for you?

Like most things in life, private dental insurance isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, so it’s important that you choose the right plan from the start.

If you don’t, you’ll end up paying hundreds of dollars more than you need to, or worse, risk being poorly covered when you need it most.

There are many different plans to choose from, with different options available. The good news is that you don’t need to purchase a separate, standalone dental insurance premium, as it will fall under your health insurance plan, either by default (usually basic coverage that includes regular check-ups), or as part of your extras/accessory policy.


Is general or major dental coverage better?

Generally, dental cover is available in two ways in Australia: for general work and major work.

Exactly what is classified as general or major is not black or white; this varies from health insurance provider to health insurance provider, but in general, according to

General dental coverage: These include annual check-ups, cleaning and fluoride treatment, minor fillings, and generally most types of preventative work.

Major Dental Coverage: As the name suggests, this includes major procedures such as complex fillings, tooth extractions, crowns, bridges, and orthodontics. The best dental insurance for major work will cover all of this and more.


What is covered by general dental insurance?

General dental care helps pay for preventative treatment services such as oral exams, scaling and cleaning, simple fillings, mouth guards, x-rays, dental extractions and even teeth whitening in some cases.

Coverage for general dental treatments falls under the extras policies and you will generally need to meet the applicable waiting periods before undergoing treatments.


FAQ: Dental Insurance

What are the annual dental insurance limits?

Most funds set an annual limit for each of the “extras” available on a policy, while others may not have a limit for certain additional coverage options (such as health checks). The lower the limit, the less likely you are to benefit. The higher the annual limits, the more you will save.

Is there a waiting period on dental insurance?

Always check the fine print of your policy to check how long your fund expects you to wait before you can claim dental care. Some funds have a two-month waiting period for general procedures, while major dental procedures can have wait times of up to 12 months.

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