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EG Dental is a safe and affordable solution for people looking to save money on their dental care. The Tijuana, Mexico-based clinic caters to local and American patients seeking high-quality dental services, from general dentistry to advanced prosthetic services.

Dentistry is a major health problem in the United States. Unfortunately, the costs of dental care have made them unaffordable for many, and their high cost has resulted in an increase in dental tourism. Traveling to the city of Tijuana, Mexico for dental treatment is an emerging trend these days for a variety of reasons. First, it’s a great access point for affordable, quality health care as it’s located a few miles from San Diego, while LA residents can get there in an hour and a half, which makes it a great alternative to other countries like India, Turkey etc.

In recent years, the quality of dental care and the safety of the city have also improved considerably. As a result, the city’s clinics are offering patients an increasingly better experience at lower prices than in the United States. EG Dental is one of the most reputable and state of the art facilities located in the heart of Tijuana. This is a full-service dental center located in downtown Zona Rio, staffed by a team of board-certified and certified dentists that provide patients in the United States as well as residents of the high-end dental services.

EG Dental has made a point of being a leader in its industry by using the latest equipment and technology to provide quality dental care at a competitive price. Led by Eva Guerrero, Chief Dentist and supported by Carolos Guerrero as orthodontist and Jesus Peres as periodontist, the clinic offers a general dentistry practice with specialization in smile makeovers and root canals as well as cosmetic dentistry services. They offer all standard treatments, from facet cleanings to bone harvesting, and are ready to write a treatment plan for each patient’s specific situation.

Foreign patients can take advantage of consultations in English by highly qualified staff members available to answer any questions they may have about the visit or the procedure itself. “At EG Dental, we understand that patients in the United States are looking for a great dentist in Mexico who knows what they’re doing. Whether it’s a simple cleaning or a larger procedure, with excellence in the very foundation of our practice, we pride ourselves on helping you maintain good oral health and achieve a smile. that you always wanted, ”says Eva Guerrero, Chief Dentist, EG Dentaire.

EG Dental is not only committed to providing affordable dental care, but also to ensuring its sustainability. The clinic has an excellent patient satisfaction rate and dental implant or crown replacement issues are rarely reported. However, to increase patient satisfaction and instill confidence in them, the clinic offers a three-year warranty for workmanship and materials after the procedure is completed at the clinic. If any problem in dental implants arises due to faulty materials or manufacturing defects, they will replace / repair it for free.

The clinic also offers assistance to foreign patients coming for appointments. Their team of patient coordinators can make hotel reservations, arrange for border or airport pickups to make sure the patient’s stay in the city is hassle-free. For more information on services, costs and general information on dental tourism in Tijuana, visit the official EG Dental website.

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