Getting great dental treatment in Costa Rica without dental insurance:


It is estimated that the number of American consumers with dental insurance is only about 50%. And many of those with dental insurance don’t have comprehensive coverage.

Most dental insurance policies are little more than a discount program and cover no more than $ 1,500 to $ 2,000 per year. This is sufficient for basic care like cleanings and fillings, but it will not cover more advanced care like dental implants, crowns or dental surgery.

Studies have shown that people without dental insurance are much more likely to have extractions (pulling teeth) or dentures rather than root canals or dental implants. And those who require full oral restorations or treatment for gum disease are less likely to receive the care they need.

In fact, people without dental insurance coverage are much less likely to see a dentist, even for routine care and preventative dentistry. Unless these people take a strong stand for their own dental care, they will often face increased dental costs due to inadequate care or total neglect of their teeth.

Since the current trend is that fewer and fewer people are covered by insurance for their dental needs, this potentially means that more and more people are going to look for affordable alternatives. And one of the top destinations for great dental care at affordable prices is Costa Rica. This is why North Americans take note that by traveling to Costa Rica for their dental treatment, they may be able to afford more complex and expensive treatments such as dental implants, bridges and bridges. dental crowns or dental implant solutions All on Four. .

Even when you include the cost of airline tickets and hotels, most patients save money by traveling to Costa Rica for dental treatment. And if you’re paying for a multi-member family, the savings could be significant even for routine care, especially if you combine your visit to the dentist with a vacation to one of the most popular travel destinations on the planet.

We understand that it can be difficult to do all the research and planning for a trip to Costa Rica for dental treatment on your own. This is why the Costa Rica Dental Guide exists. We perform all the work necessary to verify the qualifications of our recommended dentists. We will also give you the contact details of our handpicked dentists. So all you have to do is pick up the phone and ask all your questions.

We help tens of thousands of dental patients across North America each year by referring them to the best, most affordable dental clinics in Costa Rica. Our recommended clinics will provide you with an accurate estimate of your treatment costs and their staff will help you book your travel and accommodation. All recommended clinics have doctors and staff who are fluent in English.

Even without dental insurance, we’ll help you find the best, most affordable dental care in Costa Rica. Fill out a form on our home page at and we’ll do the rest.

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