pakistan: Do not travel to Pakistan for medical education: Nat’l Body | Bombay News

Mumbai: The National Medical Commission has issued a notice asking students not to travel to Pakistan for medical studies including dental programs. It comes a week after the University Grants Commission and the All India Council for Technical Education warned aspirants that their education in Pakistan would be irrelevant.
Those who joined colleges and academic institutions in Pakistan before December 2018 or later after obtaining security clearance from the Ministry of Home Affairs, however, would be exempt.
Two months ago, the medical education regulator warned Indian students considering pursuing higher education in China, saying it did not recognize “degree courses conducted solely in online mode without prior approval”. . The advisory against travel to China for education came in early February after the Chinese government suspended all visas from November 2020 due to Covid-19.
Now, following the instructions of UGC and AICTE, the NMC notice published on Thursday evening stated: “Any Indian/OCI national who intends to gain admission into MBBS/BDS or medical course equivalent in a medical school in Pakistan will not be eligible to appear in FMGE or seek employment in India on the basis of degrees (in any subject) acquired in Pakistan. The Dental Council of India has issued a similar notice. The notice added: “However, migrants and their children who have obtained a medical/dental or higher education degree in Pakistan and who have obtained Indian citizenship would be eligible to seek employment in India after obtaining permission MHA security.”
After the UGC and AICTE issued their notice last week, Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry “deeply deplored” the issuance of such a public notice.
Data released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in July 2021 indicates that there were 230 Indian students enrolled in Pakistani institutions. In September 2020, over 354 students, mostly from Jammu and Kashmir, applied to cross the border into Pakistan when the country reopened educational institutions after the pandemic lockdown.
“There are hundreds of students enrolled in different medical colleges in Pakistan and they don’t know what to do anymore,” one student tweeted.
“It’s very unfortunate when students spent many years in Pakistan to get a medical degree, suddenly UGC issued this notification out of nowhere.”

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