Partner with Candid Bar and dntl to enhance the dental office experience.


, March 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — When it comes to bringing sophistication and technology together in dental practices, Candid and dntl bar are ideal partners. Candid’s innovative clear aligner system helps clinical partners streamline high-demand treatments with clear aligners while emphasizing the patient experience. And dntl bar, a dental service organization (DSO), offers the contemporary amenities and expanded hours that patients want in beautiful retail stores. Today, these startups are teaming up to serve more patients with elegance and efficiency.


For a business like dntl bar, these time-saving tools are key to driving growth across the practice, regardless of location.

“It’s a pleasure to partner with a like-minded partner,” says Candid CEO and Co-Founder Nick Greenfield. “Both companies are fully committed to improving the patient experience, expanding access to high-quality clear aligner treatments, and elevating our clinical partners along the way.”

Since 2019, dntl bar has expanded its locations in the New York market, offering patients extended office hours seven days a week, making it easier to plan around work, family and other commitments. In addition to convenience, dntl bar also provides patients with a highly aesthetic office environment, durable oral care products and superior service. The Candid clear aligner treatment is performed through a mix of remote and in-person treatment, making it an ideal offering for the dntl bar.

“At dntl bar, our motto is ‘Dental for the people.’ For me, that means prioritizing meeting our patients’ busy schedules and providing them with an experience that makes them feel comfortable,” says dntl bar president Dr. Roshan Parikh. “Offering Candid on our sites means we can provide our patients with excellent clear aligner treatment with minimal follow-up appointments.”

Since 2020, Candid has provided dental practices and DSOs with an advanced seamless alignment system that minimizes in-person time for doctors and patients. Their patent-pending virtual CandidRx™ and CandidMonitoring™ recordings provide clinicians with a reliable method of moving teeth. For a business like dntl bar, these time-saving tools are key to driving growth across the practice, regardless of location.

“We aim to scale dntl bar rapidly – ​​from five sites today to around 50 in the next 3-5 years,” says Dr Ro. “Candid is a piece of the puzzle in our evolution. By transforming the smiles of our patients in our luxuriously appointed locations, our practices will retain patients for life and cement dntl bar as a major player in the world of DSOs.”

About Candide
Candid is a seamless aligner orthodontic system that makes treatment accessible and affordable for physicians and patients. Since 2020, Candid has been providing high quality clear aligners and patient support to dental practices and dental service organizations across United States through CandidPro. Learn more about

About the dntl bar
Founded in 2019, dntl bar is a new YorkDSO which provides patients with a curated dental experience that emphasizes convenience and hospitality. dntl bar works with top clinicians to provide their patients with cleanings, clear aligners, whitening, emergency dentistry, and more. With easy booking, clear pricing, patient-focused settings and friendly service, dntl bar aims to provide quality dental care in a luxurious, contemporary atmosphere.

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