PNB MetLife Becomes First-Ever Life Insurance Provider to Launch Dental Plan with OPD Dental Benefits

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PNB MetLife Becomes First-Ever Life Insurance Provider to Launch Dental Plan with OPD Dental Benefits

Posted on May 16, 2022

New Delhi : With customer focus as the cornerstone of all innovation at PNB MetLife India Insurance Co., Ltd., (PNB MetLife), the leading life insurer today launched the PNB MetLife dental plan, a unique plan for meet the emerging needs of today’s customer.

It is the first insurance scheme in India that covers fixed benefit outpatient expenses and provides financial assistance for overall dental health related costs. This launch reinforces PNB MetLife’s leadership in the industry with this unique, stand-alone dental health insurance plan that covers major dental procedures without the hassle of hospitalization.

Data from Allied Market Research indicates that India’s dental insurance industry will be worth USD 3.65 billion by 2030. According to India’s National Oral Health Survey, 90% of adults have health problems oral and most dental visits are for the treatment of dental problems such as gum infection, cavities, tooth loss, loosening of teeth and significant tooth infection and vascular damage. Several studies have even linked dental health to certain chronic conditions like diabetes and stroke.

PNB MetLife’s new dental plan will help customers manage their dental health and ensure they don’t have to dip into savings or cut back on essential expenses to make room for dental care .

To provide convenience to its customers, PNB MetLife has partnered with more than 340 dental clinics including Clove Dental and Sabka Dentist, two of India’s largest dental clinic chains with clinics in key cities across India. India, where policyholders can enjoy the full value of their benefits.

Commenting on the launch, Ashish Kumar Srivastava, MD and CEO, PNB MetLife, said, “Dental care is expensive due to the skills required, the specialized infrastructure and the impact of inflation. People spend a lot of money and pay for dental care out of pocket. In line with the “circle of life” philosophy, we at PNB MetLife aim to meet the different financial needs of our clients and PNB MetLife Dental Care is a step in the right direction.

Key Dental Plan Highlights:

  • Innovative product, backed by global dental leadership from MetLife Inc.
  • Access to insurance without having to deal with the hassle of overnight hospitalization
  • Fixed benefits ranging from INR 350 to INR 7,500 per procedure and sum assured up to INR 50,000
  • Extensive network of dental service providers and partnership with Clove Dental
  • Cashless service and simplified claims process
  • Exceptions to tax benefits under Sec 80D
  • Pays fixed benefits for specific outpatient and incidental dental procedures

This plan complements any current health insurance plan on the market, such as Mediclaim or Critical Illness, in which dental benefits are either uninsured or paid after a minimum of 24 hours hospitalization.

Backed by the financial strength and dental insurance expertise of MetLife Inc., one of the world’s leading providers of life insurance, and the credibility and reach of Punjab National Bank, the second largest India’s public sector bank, PNB MetLife has set itself the goal of becoming India’s most preferred dental company. insurance provider with this innovative, customer-focused dental plan.


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