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Justin Sharp, Megan Bewley, Emily Franklin and Madysen Powell pose with their gold medals after winning first place in the HOSA Bowl contest at the State Leadership Conference. This is the second straight year that Scottsbluff has won gold in this event.


The State HOSA Leadership Conference, held at the University of Nebraska – Omaha March 13-15, was a success for Western Nebraska. The Scottsbluff and Gering chapters brought home material showing their medical knowledge.

Scottsbluff topped the conference sending 30 of its 85 members to state competition, winning 21 medals, and qualifying 18 students for international competition. Gering had three international qualifiers among his 10 students who went to the state.

“I was extremely proud of our chapter as a whole,” said Scottsbluff HOSA Vice President Justin Sharp. “…It was amazing how it all paid off and how we were able to show our true skills in front of a large group of people and prove that Scottsbluff has something to show for it.”

Sharp was part of a four-person team that competed and won first place in the HOSA Bowl, a trivia game on all things medicine. Sharp said it was the second straight year Scottsbluff has won gold in the event.

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Scottsbluff HOSA dominates in state

Justin Sharp, Sarah Arellano, Havi Hertzler, Halley Thomalla and Jalyn Wagner competed in the Anatomy Table Tournament at the Nebraska State HOSA Leadership Conference at the UN, March 13-15.


“HOSA Bowl is like a quiz bowl on just about anything and everything medical (or) HOSA-related,” said Sharp, who also placed first in the Job Seeking Skills event. “It can range from parliamentary procedure to asking for medical terms to medical professions. So it’s literally crap, and we spent a lot of time studying for it.

Fellow HOSA Bowl team members, seniors Megan Bewley and Emily Franklin, said they couldn’t have asked for a better experience for their fellow Scottsbluff chapter members.

“You can really tell the members who have been dedicated and have been able to compete against a lot of different teams, because I think sometimes Western teams are a bit blown away, but we really competed with them,” Bewley, Scottsbluff HOSA Secretary , said. “And it was a personal choice. Like they weren’t (forced into it); they dedicated themselves to it.

Scottsbluff HOSA dominates in state

The Scottsbluff HOSA Chapter sent 30 students to 17 different events at the State Leadership Conference at the UN March 13-15. Eighteen of these students qualified for the international competition in June.


Franklin, President of the Scottsbluff HOSA Chapter, said, “I was just incredibly proud of our members because each one of them put in so much time and hard work, and it’s just awesome to see them rewarded for what they did. ended. And, I also really enjoyed… just being able to show that Scottsbluff knows what they’re doing, and they got it.

Having a strong chapter like Scottsbluff doesn’t come easily, and the conference recognized that over the weekend when Scottsbluff HOSA Councilor Jennifer Harre was named Councilor of the Year.

“Miss Harre truly deserves this award,” Franklin said. “She spends so much time outside of school making sure we get things done and she’s really caring and passionate about what she does, and that ultimately reflects on all of us, and so that makes the club so much more fun.

Harre said it’s because of students like Franklin, Bewley and Sharp that she can be a good advisor to them.

“We have a great co-counsellor (Kelli Larson) and we have a great group of officers,” Harre said. “I’ve known these seniors since grade school — middle school, some of them — so they make it fun and easy to be the counselor.”

Ultimately, she and co-advisor Kelly Larson are just proud of their students and their commitment to the chapter, not only competitively, but locally.

“It was just exciting to see their hard work pay off because we were coming in at seven in the morning with them and training, and they were spending more time, so it was just rewarding to see their hard work paying off. fruit,” Larson said. . “They are completely driven and self-driven and seeing it pay off was really exciting for them, so they got to work and they were rewarded for it.”

“One of the most impressive things is the number of community service and volunteer hours we’ve done in our community,” Harre said. “…We’ve done over 1,000 volunteer hours this school year alone, probably maybe even more. … So I think that’s pretty impressive – not only is it the state part, the competition part, but it’s also the things that we do here locally, whether it’s community service, volunteering, speakers guests, various hands-on activities. So (we) really help high school students explore different careers and get them interested and passionate about the health field.

HOSA International Leadership Conference will be held in June in Nashville. Students must pay their own way for travel in order to compete, so there will be a number of fundraisers organized to help send students who want to go.

HOSA State Leadership Conference results (top three qualify for internationals):

— Gering: Medical Mathematics – Guri Hayer, international qualification; Physiotherapy – Madison Herbel, international qualified; Vet Science – Hannah Boyd, international qualified.

— Scottsbluff: Dental Terminology – Kaitlyn Kizzire, 2; Janeva O’Bannon, 3; Human Growth and Development – ​​Dayanara Rodriguez, 1; Medical Mathematics – Teyla Huff, 1; Epidemiology – Madysen Powell, 1; Home Health Helper – Alyssa Spurgeon, 2

Caregiver – Eduardo Quintana, 3 years old; CPR/First Aid – Lauren Fleenor and Abbie Webb, 1; Hannah Hertzler and Sierra Little, 2; Havi Hertzler and Sarah Arellano, 3; HOSA Events – Haley Thomalla, 1; Job Search Skills – Justin Sharp, 1; Health Careers Expo – Megan Bewley and Emily Franklin, 1; HOSA Bowl – Justin Sharp, Megan Bewley, Madysen Powell and Emily Franklin, 1; and Nebraska HOSA Chapter Advisor of the Year – Jen Harre.

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