Seniors can get free dental care on April 10


Low-income people aged 55 and over in Prince George who do not have dental insurance have the option of getting basic dental care free of charge.

Low-income people ages 55 and older in Prince George who don’t have dental coverage have the option of getting free basic dental care on April 10 when Family Dental Centers offer services to people in the need during the day Give Back Smile Back.

In partnership with Dental Centres, the Prince George Council of Seniors is accepting applications at the Seniors Resource Centre, 721 Victoria Street, Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm, after which eligible individuals will be contacted by Family Dental Centers to make an appointment.

The services offered are cleanings, fillings and extractions.

This event sees dental teams volunteering their time while helping the community.

Our seniors appreciate this so much,” said Ginny Parsons, Vice-Chair of the Prince George Council of Seniors Board and Acting Chief Executive.

“And it’s so great that the family dental centers have come to us asking if we would mind helping with the requests and we don’t mind at all – anything to help the elderly.”

Those interested in applying can go to the Seniors Resource Center and fill out the application there and hand it in at the same time, Parsons added.

The deadline for this program is March 28.

Another program taking place this month is a free tax clinic for those 55 and older.

Call the Resource Center to make an appointment to have your taxes done at 250-564-5888.

For more information on the Prince George Council of Seniors, visit


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