Should you purchase dental insurance in 2020? Take our quiz and find out how dental insurance works


Interested in learning more about dental insurance and the benefits a plan can offer you and your family? You are in the right place.

At Benzinga, we believe in being pragmatic when it comes to finding ways to make your money work for you.

Before you explore whether getting dental insurance in 2020 makes sense, put your knowledge to the test with our dental insurance quiz below!

Afterwards, our Benzinga dental insurance experts will give you more information on how the coverage works and help you decide which plan is best for you and your loved ones.

  1. True or False: Dental insurance is already included in the vast majority of health insurance plans.

False: In many cases, dental insurance is not included in your current health insurance plan. Health care plans that comply with the Affordable Care Act are necessary to provide dental coverage for children, however, such a requirement does not exist for adults.

The fact that dental insurance is offered exclusively through Medicare, instead of necessarily being stuck in your preferred health insurance plan which offers less than stellar dental insurance coverage, gives consumers the option to match the best health and dental insurance plans for them. Check cheapest dental insurance premiums in your region.

  1. True or False: Dental insurance plans are widely accepted.

False: Our dental insurance research team wants to clarify the following: Unlike traditional health insurance plans, dental insurance is widely recognized and not accepted.

Do you have a favorite dentist to visit? Our advice is this: Before choosing dental coverage, be sure to contact your dental provider to make sure they agree to the plan you intend to purchase.

  1. True or False: Getting dental insurance will reduce my financial burden if I have an urgent oral health problem.

False: Dental insurance plans often have long waiting periods that delay your ability to use the benefits of your coverage.

If you are aware of any hereditary issues in your family’s oral health, it may be a good idea to purchase insurance as early as possible so as not to further delay the benefits of procedures such as extraction of impacted teeth or root canals.

Should I get dental insurance coverage in 2020?

Our Benzinga dental insurance research team is here to help you decide if it is worth buying dental insurance in 2020. Like many health and life insurance policies, most dental insurance policies require a monthly premium in order to receive benefits that can be used for applicable dental cleanings and surgeries. Monthly premiums vary by state, age and type of plan (HMO or PPO).

Ready to learn more? Discover our complete dental insurance guide to help you decide if a plan is right for you and your family.

Are you looking for the cheapest dental insurance coverage available in 2020? We can help! Obtain a quick quote in minutes for dental insurance plans available in your area.

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