SonoShine Review – Should You Buy Sono Shine Dental Calculus Remover?


SonoShine is a cleaning device that helps consumers improve dental health, remove tartar, plaque, and more. The device removes these contaminants at a rapid rate to keep teeth clean at all times.

What is SonoShine?

Everyone should put their dental health first, but most people stop flossing and brushing their teeth regularly. In reality, these efforts should be enough, but very few people get the deep cleaning they need to completely eliminate the risk of developing cavities. This type of cleaning is usually done during a visit to the dentist, but why not at home? This is what the SonoShine hopes to achieve.

SonoShine cleanser fits in the palm of the user’s hand, removing plaque and tartar that can build up on the surface of teeth. It moves at a rate of 12,000 vibrations per minute, breaking down whatever is stored on the surface. Although most users feel the need to floss, they won’t need it! The thorough cleaning of this device is enough to avoid mouthwash and flossing, although it should always be combined with daily brushing.

The creators of this device are focused on showing consumers professional quality instruments that they don’t have to pay a ton of money to get. In fact, the creators note that the performance is so impressive that it can break down stains that flossing won’t get. Users won’t have to wrap thin, uncomfortable wire around their fingers, and they won’t risk accidentally cutting themselves along their gum line.

How it works

To construct the SonoShine cleaner, the creators use medical grade alloy steel with food grade silicone. It is significantly safer than other tools in the oral health industry. Each device is made with safe materials that do not endanger the user. Even though the quality is amazing, consumers won’t need any special skills or experience to get the cleanliness they expect. Some consumers even find it comfortable.

To give users a personalized approach to their improved dental health, they can choose from five different settings. Users have the ability to restore the healthy, clean appearance of teeth without the use of chemicals, floss, or other components. Everything works with water pressure without hurting the user. It can be used as a preventative remedy, but it can also help with regular cleansing.

Although some products with such intensity should only be used periodically, SonoShine cleanser can be used every day. The pressure won’t overwhelm sensitive gums, despite the high-frequency vibrations of 26,000 to 31,000 beats per minute. Everything is based on ultrasound technology, working the space between the teeth and the gum.

When the SonoShine cleaner is not in use, consumers will need to plug it into the USB charging port to recharge the battery. It can also be charged with USB connection to power bank or PC.

Buy SonoShine

The only way for consumers to purchase SonoShine Cleaner is through the official website where consumers can get up to 50% off their purchase for a limited time. The website offers four different packages, depending on the amount users want. Packages include:

  • A SonoShine cleanser for $49.95
  • Two SonoShine cleansers for $87.95
  • Three SonoShine cleansers for $125.95
  • Four SonoShine cleaners for $159.95

All plans from the official website come with a 90-day money-back guarantee.


SonoShine cleanser offers users a contactless way to floss, using water that achieves an increased vibration. The device provides a level of cleanliness that many people only achieve through the intense cleaning process at the dentist’s office. However, users can perform this cleaning at home without needing a dentist appointment or prior experience to do it right.



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