Sydney Holistic Dental Center offers the SMART Certified Mercury Amalgam Removal Procedure


Sydney Holistic Dental Centre, a dental clinic in Sydney, NSW, raises awareness of the dangers of mercury fillings while providing the proper procedure for disposing of them.

Mercury poisoning is a serious health concern due to the element’s ubiquity in the food chain. All humans are exposed to some level of mercury, but the presence of methylmercury in food sources, such as contaminated fish or grain that has been treated with the compound, leads to increased levels of mercury which can be toxic. However, there is another rarely mentioned reason, that of increased mercury levels, which was once thought to be safe.

Mercury amalgam has been a commonly used dental material for over a century because its malleability is particularly useful for filling dental cavities. Extensive material safety research has revealed that fillings continuously release low levels of mercury vapor when present in the mouth. Additionally, dentists who regularly perform dental restorations are constantly exposed to mercury vapors, which can lead to health complications.

Holistic dentists, such as those at the Sydney Holistic Dental Centre, stopped recommending mercury amalgam fillings in the late 1980s out of concern for the health and well-being of patients. Patients who already have mercury fillings are also encouraged to remove and replace them.

A spokesperson for the Sydney Holistic Dental Center speaks about the importance of replacing mercury fillings, saying: “We care about the dental health of our patients and always look out for their best interest. For this reason, we have not used mercury in SDHC for over 35 years. Even Australia’s National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC) medical research authority recognizes the danger of exposure to mercury amalgam. With so many prominent voices in the medical field sounding the alarm about this material, we recommend that you follow the same precautions and have your mercury fillings removed if you have any.

One of the challenges of removing mercury amalgam fillings is that the process leads to exposing the patient and the dentist to high levels of mercury. Accordingly, the NHMRC recommends the use of a rubber dam, supplemental suction, and a special removal procedure when removing mercury amalgam fillings. However, these measures are not considered sufficient. Accordingly, the SMART protocol was designed.

SMART, which stands for Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique, is a set of safety measures aimed at reducing the mercury exposure of patients and the dental team during dental amalgam removal. These measures were developed based on scientific research collected by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT). Today, the SMART protocol is considered the highest international standard and the safest procedure for the safe disposal of mercury fillings.

SHDC is SMART certified, which means that the Sydney Dental Clinic has achieved SMART certification from the IAOMT based on the complete completion of mercury-related courses and the safe removal of amalgam fillings. Patients arriving at Sydney Dental Clinic will be instructed on the best course of action for mercury amalgam removal and will be able to participate in the procedure which follows the accredited SMART system to a T.

The dental clinic proposes to replace the mercury fillings of its patients with several biocompatible materials. Biocompatible materials do not interfere with normal bodily functions. The most commonly used alternatives are composite resin or ceramic restorations. SDHC says it prefers ceramic inlays or onlays because they are excellent for preserving and strengthening the natural structure of teeth.

Sydney Holistic Dental Center offers several dentistry services such as holistic dentistry, general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and preventive dentistry. Some of her most popular treatments include mercury amalgam removal, Invisalign, dental implants, and root canal treatment.

The clinic is located at Level 17, 111 Elizabeth St Sydney, NSW, 2000, and its opening hours are 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday. Readers can contact him at [email protected] Where (02) 9221 5800 to make an appointment.


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