The Martinsville Community Dental Clinic is fully staffed; provides dental care to low-income people


MARTINSVILLE, Va. (WFXR) – After a year of closure due to the pandemic, the Martinsville Community Dental Clinic is once again open to provide dental care to low-income adults and children.

Fourth year students from the VCU School of Dentistry returned to the clinic, working under the supervision of the newly hired clinic dentist, Dr Aimn Abbasi.

“I take advantage of my time at the clinic. Treating patients is a great experience in a real environment. I learn and the patients leave without pain or other problems. It is a gratifying feeling to help people with preventative oral health care.

Catherine Malone, VCU student

Each senior dental student at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Dentistry spends at least one week at the Martinsville clinic.

Approximately 1,400 dental students have treated patients at the clinic since it opened in 2005.

The fees are based on a sliding scale, with patients paying a minimum of $ 25 per visit.

The clinic, located at 23 rue Fayette in Martinsville, is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday to Friday. To make an appointment, patients should call (276) 632-7727.

Over its 15 years, the clinic has provided over $ 12.5 million in services and handles approximately 5,000 visits each year.

“Treating patients at the clinic provides students with a great opportunity to experience the real world of dentistry. The quality of care provided by the students is remarkable. I am very impressed with the students.

Dr Aimn Abbasi, Clinical Dentist

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