Veterans Can Request an Appointment for Veterans Oral Health Day | School of Dentistry


In November, West Virginia University School of Dentistry and the WVU Center for Veterans, Military and Family Programs will host a free oral health clinic for veterans and serving members of the National Guard.

A limited number of dental appointments will be available on Friday, November 12 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. for WVU students who are veterans and others.

Open registration for veterans begins October 25 and continues until appointments are filled. To request an appointment, call 304-293-6208.

Qualifications and coverage vary for veterans who apply for dental benefits through the US Department of Veterans Affairs.

According to the VA, coverage depends on a number of factors such as the veteran’s military service history, current health status, and life situation.

For example, a veteran with a service-related dental disability who receives a monthly disability award may be eligible for “all necessary dental coverage”.

However, dental benefits for a member who are part of the Chapter 31 program, or Veteran Preparation and Employment Program, will only cover expenses if the care provided meets an employment objective for the Veteran. An eligible goal, as determined by a VA dental provider, could be treatment that allows participation in the employment program, treatment that prevents a patient from discontinuing an employment program, or treatment that allows achieve full independence in daily life.

“The WVU School of Dentistry has forged a strong partnership with the VA, providing care to veterans who are referred to our clinic. We have realized that there are veterans who cannot receive dental care through the VA. Therefore, we started this program three years ago, so that we can screen and provide basic care to veterans in need, ”said Dr. Fotinos Panagakos, Associate Dean for Research.

An annual outreach clinic hosted by West Virginia University School of Dentistry and the WVU Center for Veterans, Military and Family Programs is designed to assist these veterans with little or no benefit.

A limited number of appointments will be available on Veterans Oral Health Day on Friday, November 12, 2021. Veterans and serving members of the National Guard and Reserve will receive free dental exams, x-rays if necessary, cleaning, simple fillings and other urgent care needs based on the determination of faculty and student providers of dental and dental hygiene.

“Since we launched this outreach clinic in 2019, several hundred veterans have received additional care beyond the initial visit which has been matched by supporters of our program. It shows us that there is a need for what we are able to offer and motivates to continue to offer Veterans Oral Health Day, ”said Jerry Wood, director of the Center for Veterans, Military and Family. Programs.

In 2019, the Borgia Family Veterans Oral Health Fund was established to help with the completion of dental treatment plans. Those interested in supporting the fund can find out more and donate online through the WVU Foundation.


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